Rome, Italy

Apr 1, 2010 - A New Letter from the Team in Rome

Posted on Apr 01 2010

As follow-up efforts in Rome continue, we thought you would enjoy reading the very latest from Italy. This is a message from the church leadership in Rome--expressing their thanks to all who supported this series. It has made a tremendous impact and the ripple effects are being felt across Europe!

Dear It Is Written and IIW Supporters,

You challenged us to Dillo a Roma (Tell It to Rome)! And we accepted the challenge. At first we were a bit shy. We felt too small as we faced a task seemingly too big for us; but then here came Pastor Yves Monnier to feed us the Word: "Do not fear... for the battle is not yours, but God' there, be strong and you shall see...the Lord will be with you." (2 Chronicles 20:15-18)

And to keep us alert and keen, the countdown was telling us that February 6, 2010 was the beginning of a great adventure. Thanks to you, our hearts were beating--you helped us to believe!

Immediately, we saw miracles. There was a special excitement, and everybody was doing something--brothers and sisters coming from churches all over Rome. Young and old helped tirelessly for a common goal, something never done before: To preach to all Rome that Christ is coming back! We knew that we were not alone, because brothers and sisters all over the world were praying for us.

Pastor Shawn helped us so much with his energy and his enthusiasm. He took us on this trip, belts buckled up, for a new discovery of Revelation--the message of peace that Christ is addressing to the world today, before He returns.

We love Jesus so much! He inspired us in everything and paved the way to lead all things according to His will. Dillo a Roma will remain in the history of the Italian church and in the hearts of those who have accepted the invitation and are no longer the same, because Jesus is now in their lives.

Now we have the delicate task to ensure that the flame will keep burning. We have discovered anew the sense of mission and of mutual engagement, without limits or barriers. As people of God, we have the privilege to preach to the world that Jesus is coming back soon.

Today, as we look back, we greatly rejoice and we can't control ourselves; as we preach the Gospel, we cannot stop! We feel like Elijah when he received food from the Lord, and He didn't stop for the following 40 days. But we, strengthened by the prophetic message, will not stop for the next 40 years!

We want Jesus to come back soon, and we are already exploring fresh new ideas on how to maintain our new friendships so that they may accept Jesus in their lives. We want to reach more people who don't know Him, to support new interests and to strengthen the brothers who had lost the joy of faith but have now returned home. We have seen God at work, performing miracles! We have so much enthusiasm, and we're full of energy.

The mission is all ours and we want to enjoy it to the fullest! Thank you for all your efforts. Thank you for this experience, which has enriched us and has taught us a lot. Thank you because from the very beginning, you believed in this project and this has awakened in us a strong sense of mission.

May the Lord bless your ministry of the preaching of the Word, all over the world, as you fulfill the Great Commission!

--The Dillo a Roma Team


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