Rome, Italy

Feb 1, 2010 - Update #3 from Pastor Yves Monnier

Posted on Feb 01 2010

Dear Friend,

I am absolutely overwhelmed by the number of messages I’ve received with words of encouragement, Bible promises, and prayers regarding our upcoming meetings in Rome. They’ve come from total strangers from all around the world, even the tiny island of Kiribati in the Pacific Ocean. On behalf of the faithful and hard-working pastors and members in Rome: Thank you!
The church members are all so happy to know that they are not alone in this big endeavor—that there’s a multitude praying for them and cheering them on. You should have seen their faces, their smiles, and the spark in their eyes as I read your encouraging messages to them. Priceless.
This week’s distribution of 400,000 flyers is going very well. Our 30 laborers are courageous and committed and are getting the job done. Last Tuesday it poured all day and literally stopped at 5 p.m. when it was time to go home.

The rain did not deter our workers, though. Soaking wet, they kept going building to building—in the process encountering precious souls for Jesus. In spite of the heavy rain, many indicated that their day had even been more successful than the previous one when it was dry. Pretty amazing. We’ll be distributing all this week. Long tiring hours, but so worth it.

Our distribution MVP (most valuable player) is the last person anyone would have expected: A grandma by the name of Reina. As a matter of fact, when I first saw Reina as part of our distribution team, I fully anticipated she would give up within hours.

Boy, was I so totally wrong! This short grandma, whose picture I’m including here, runs circles around everybody else. In three days she single-handedly delivered 12,200 flyers. That’s 12,200 homes—the size of a small town! Way to go, Reina! What an amazing team of workers we have. Your prayers have energized them.

I want you to know that the people we are meeting, with a few exceptions, have been very receptive. I don’t think this is a coincidence. I believe your prayers are having results. I can’t wait for opening night. For that matter, I can’t wait for the last nights of the meetings when people will be standing for Jesus and His eternal kingdom of love and peace.

The battle we are engaging here is not against any group, or people or system. Not at all. All, without exception, are precious in the eyes of the Lord and He desires their salvation. Our battle, whether here in Rome or anywhere else in the world, is against "spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places." (Ephesians 6:12) The devil has a grip on people, but the love and grace of Jesus can break that bondage eternally. And that’s the message we are going to preach here loudly and boldly.

As we near opening night, your prayers are more important than ever. Almost without fail, in the days before an evangelistic event, the devil pulls out all the stops. Please pray that everything will go smoothly—from the auditorium to the attendance. Again, thank you for your prayers!
God bless,

Pastor Yves Monnier
It Is Written Evangelism Coordinator in Rome



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